About AVML

Linguistics, like other scientific disciplines, is centrally reliant upon visual images for the elicitation, analysis and presentation of data. It is difficult to imagine how linguistics could have developed, and how it could be done today, without visual representations such as syntactic trees, psychoperceptual models, vocal tract diagrams, dialect maps, or spectrograms.

Complex multidimensional data can be condensed into forms that can be easily and immediately grasped in a way that would be considerably more taxing, even impossible, through textual means. Transforming our numerical results into graphical formats, according to Cleveland (1993: 1), ‘provides a front line of attack, revealing intricate structure in data that cannot be absorbed in any other way. We discover unimagined effects, and we challenge imagined ones.’ Or, as Keith Johnson succinctly puts it, ‘Nothing beats a picture’ (2008: 6). Read more about AVML.

The AVML meeting consists of two events:

The workshop with three hours hands-on sessions (September 24th) and
the conference with 30 minutes presentations (September 25th & 26th).
The workshop or the conference can be visited independently or together.
Check out our program here.



One Comment to “About AVML”

  1. Notwithstanding visual methods that facilitate our understanding of language, if we are “talking” about language beyond the emotional exchange that occurs between most mammals, language itself must be though of in the visual domain…

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