Thank you!

A special thanks to all of our AVML attendees! We hope you are all making your way home safely, and filled with lots of new ideas to implement and to improve your research.

We are looking forward to continuing on with the conference in the years to come. More details to come regarding that, as well as with the continuation of the AVML community project. We aim to create a continually updated site with resources and tools for linguists to share and use to collaborate on data visualisations and knowledge exchange. The presentations and posters seen this week are an inspiring collection of just how useful and helpful this could be. Stay tuned for more details on both of these upcoming opportunities.

Thanks again to everybody who helped make AVML a success!

2 Comments to “Thank you!”

  1. Thank you Kim for all the hard work and everything you did for us. Please, please do remain connected!

    – Saurabh Kumar

  2. You’re welcome! I’m glad you attended and I hope you got a lot out of it. Will be in touch. -K

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