Workshop: Discursis – An interactive visualisation technique for analysis of discourse data

Dr. Daniel Angus, Prof. Janet Wiles

This workshop presents a tool for discourse analysis, Discursis, which has been developed at The University of Queensland. Discursis is a computer-based visual text analytic tool for analysing communication data, and is especially useful in discourse analyses of conversational texts. Discursis automatically processes transcribed text to show participants’ individual concept use, and their engagement patterns with other participants around concepts, turn by turn over the entire time-course of a conversation.

In this workshop we will present the basic principles underlying Discursis, along with its strengths and limitations in aiding discourse analysis. Together with workshop participants we will work through a number of examples from popular Australian television interview programs. We will show how conversations can be presented visually, and the kinds of information that can be gleaned quickly to characterise the conversation and focus on key extracts. Finally, we will discuss how Discursis can be integrated with the interpretative skills of the researcher to provide rich interpretations of discourse data.




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