Workshop: Visualising three-dimensional data in R

  Fritz Günther
Two packages for the visualisation of three-dimensional data in R are presented:

  • The package lattice is designed as a high-level visualization system, with an emphasis on multivariate data. It provides, amongst many others, a function for creating three-dimensional wireframes and scatterplots. This package produces static graphs that can be used for articles, posters, or reports.
  • On the other hand, the package rgl provides tools to create dynamic and inter-active three-dimensional plots, for example surface plots and grid plots, but also three-dimensional nets. These plots can be very useful especially for presentation purposes, where users can actually interact with the plots (by turning them around and zooming in and out, for example). Animations of three-dimensional plots are also supported by this package. Furthermore, it is possible to export screenshots of these plots as static graphs.

Example data sets will be used to demonstrate how the packages work. There will also be short practical exercises with such example data sets.

guenther_3D_cheshire  guenther_3D_cloud

guenther_3D_multinoise  guenther_3D_volcano

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